Feminist Psychotherapy Services for Professionals with Heart in Sacramento

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I provide therapy from a feminist perspective to Sacramento professionals of all genders, backgrounds, and orientations. Each client is an expert on their own experience and diversity of perspective is not only honored here, it is greatly needed. As a human being, I strive towards a future in which love in all its forms is valued, and every person has the resources that they need to thrive. Since change begins with individuals, my work is to assist you in discovering your voice in order to enliven your ability to live with purpose and integrity. For a useful article about feminist psychotherapy, follow this link.


Individual Therapy

Schedule an appointment for a 55 minute individual session in my office at 1508 F Street.

You show up for the people you serve and care about in so many ways, and you need to find a way to show up for yourself. Your story is your truth, and having it witnessed fully is one of the most powerful things you can offer yourself. When you’re ready, I’d be honored to help.

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Couples Therapy

Every partnership between two people has it’s challenges because relationship itself is a crucible designed to help us grow. Relationship can be a path to transformation when each partner learns to choose to show up as their truest self and makes the choice to love their partner as a person who is whole and perfect, though different.

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Workshops and Groups

Stay tuned for more about upcoming workshops and groups! I’m cooking up a weekend retreat workshop called “Love Letters to Yourself.”

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My Practice

Located at 1508 F Street, right around the corner from the Music Circus! Take the steps to the main entrance, and proceed to the back of the building, where you’ll find the waiting area. I’ll meet you there!


It’s not about being perfect. It’s about being present.

— Katie Baptist

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Be Kind to Yourself!

Our capacity to love others is directly related to and expanded by our capacity to love ourselves.